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Wood Pattern Coating

It is designed to minimize heat losses. The inner surface of the sandwich type oven, which consists of interlocking panels, is galvanized sheet, and the outer surface is powder coated DKP sheet. 300ºC resistant silicone is used at the joints of the wall panels. The side walls of the oven are insulated with a ceramic blanket of 18 mm thickness on the inside and 53 Kg/M³ rock wool, a total of 150 mm thick insulation. The combustion chamber area is insulated with a total of 150 mm rock wool + ceramic blanket. The circulation fan is suitable for operation at 250ºC. Inside the oven, there are air channels that distribute air homogeneously and air blowing nozzles that can be adjusted. Operating with closed circuit air circulation, the system reaches the desired temperature as soon as possible. Temperature settings are made with a digital thermostat and the fuel is kept at the maximum level. Temperature settings are made with a digital thermostat and the fuel is kept at the maximum level. The body of the unit, whose combustion chamber is made of stainless steel resistant to the highest temperature, and the other parts from black sheet metal and pipe bundles, is manufactured with 160 mm rock wool. There is an electrical installation and an electrical control panel on the unit. The inner carriage of the oven is designed with a profile of 100x200x4 mm, the lower chaise is movable and the upper part is designed with a profile of 40x100x3 mm. Vacuum installation and motion system are available on the carrier. The car movement is provided with a locked type reducer by providing speed control by means of sensors.

Table Coating Machine Specifications



7.500 Mm



1.200 Mm



871 Mm

Paper Assembly


Manually by you

Building Material


From Metal And Sheet Material

Technical Specifications

Proses Time


10-18   Min

Oven length:8.200    Mm
Oven Width:1.800    Mm
Oven Height:Indirect Heating
Heating Type:Endirek Isıtma
Oven Operating Range:50-210 0c
Oven Volume:14  M3
Oven Operating Range:180.000   Kcal/H
Motor Power:2 X 3 Kw – 1500 Rpm
Insulation:150  Mm
Insulation Material:Rock Wool+Ceramic Blanket
Heat Control:Digital Thermostat (3 Pieces Plc Controlled)
Amount of Profile to be Coated:8 Adet
Vacuum Pump:2,2 Kw
Air Quantity:50 L / Min-6 Bar

Fan Capacity

Oven Carrier



9.000 M3 / H

1 Piece Automatic

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