Powder Coating and Wet Paint Equipment

Enbo-4000 Manual Powder Coating Application Device

The voltage coming with the cable with lower voltage, compared to the gun, is increased to 100 kW thanks to the transformer and cascade group inside the gun, and it is carried to the gun tip with the electrode group. Transformer and cascade group are insulated with a two-component resin with high diesel electrical resistance.

Enbo-4000 Manual Powder Coating Gun Technical Specifications

Gun weight

550 Gr

Input Voltage


Output Voltage

100 KV

Output Voltage

0.085 Ma

Output Voltage

30 Kg/hHHhhhh

Voltage Cable

5 M

Paint hose

5 M

Enbo - 4000 Control Module

Control Module Consists Of Two Parts;

Electronic Control Module: It is the part where electronic card, transformer, voltage regulator, led indicator and fuses are located. Adjusts gun output voltage.

Pneumatic Control Module: It is the part where the solenoid valve, air regulators and manometers are located. It provides adjustment of paint outlet flow, pressure and tank relief air.

Electricity requirement 220V / 50Hz
Electricity consumption 60 W
Max . Air consumption 300 LT / Dak.
Max. Air pressure 6 Bar
Max. Air oil ratio 0.1 ppm
Max. Air humidity ratio 1.3 Gr / Nm
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