Powder Coating and Wet Paint Equipment

Powder Paint Oven (Tunnel Type)

Oven Construction

The body of the oven, the technical documents of which are given, is placed on the chassis of 3 mm 100×100 box profile, the inside is made of 1.2 mm galvanized sheet, the outer is made of 1.5 mm Dkp sheet, and the outer side is coated with electrostatic powder paint. It is manufactured in the form of sandwich with 150mm rock wool between two walls, and it is mounted with a modular system with a high-temperature resistant mastic and screw-assisted. It can be moved when necessary.
Two air curtain groups have been added to the inlet and outlet sections of the oven in order to prevent heat loss. While the Air Curtain Material Inlet Part shields with a 2.2 Kw 4.500 M3/H Fan, the Outlet Part shields with a 3 Kw 5.500 M3/H Fan. Tunnel Oven Entrance Part Air Curtain performs shielding at low pressure in order to prevent dusting of powder paint thrown on the material. The tunnel exit performs shielding by a fan with higher pressure compared to the entrance section. Since There Is No Disadvantage In This Section, Shielding Is Provided With A Higher Capacity Fan Compared To The Entry Section In A Way That Will Not Distort The Heat Curve In The Tunnel. In this way, Maximum Efficiency is Obtained by Minimizing Oven Heat Losses.

Air Distribution Channels

Hot air prepared in the heating unit is conveyed into the ovenwith the help of air ducts made of 2 mm galvanized sheet. The Air Ducts can be adjusted in such a way that the temperature of the oven can be the same and homogeneous in every region, and it can be removed and cleaned very easily when necessary. Air Ducts and Blowout Grilles are designed in accordance with the Air Duct Project by Laser Processing and Manufactured from Adjustable Type Special Design 2 Mm Galvanized Sheet Grilles. They Are Not Simple Aluminum Grilles Used By Most Firms In The Market. It is mounted by supporting with steel in a way that it can be walked on the air duct. It is not deformed under impact and high temperatures.

Heat Control

The temperature control of the oven is done with a digital thermostat. The system can be adjusted at the desired temperature and operating range via the indicator on the electrical panel system. There Is A Safety Thermostat Against Any Heat Load Or The Failure Of The Automatic Controller.

Technical Data

Oven Type

Tunnel Type


24.000mm Outside (24.000 Mm Inside Net)


1.300mm Outsite (1.000 Mm Inside Net)


3.150mm Outside (1500 Mm Net Strong)

Heating Type

Indirect Combustion Type

Air Curtain Introduction

1×4.500 M3/H 2.2 Kw 1500 D/Min 1 Piece Input

 Air Curtain Output

1×5.500 M3/H 3 Kw 1500 D/Dak 1 Piece Output

Operating Temperature

60°C – 220°C

Temperature Control

Digital Thermostat

Building Material

External 1.5 Mm Dkp, Internal 1.2 Mm Galvanized Sheet

Insulation Material

150 Mm Stone Wool (Ρ=70 Kg/M³)

Tunnel Oven Heat Unit Technical Data

Heating Unit

1 Piece

Building Material

AISI 310 Quality Stainless (3 mm Sheet Parts)

 Thermoblock Pipe Bundles

AISI 304 Quality Æ 76 X 3 Mm The First Turning Part

Thermoblock Pipe Bundles

Æ 76 X 3.2 Mm Drawing Steel The Second Turn

Heating Energy

Natural Gas Circulation Air: 20.000 M3/H X 2 Pieces

Engine Power

7.5 Kw X 2 Pieces

Heating Capacity

Between 200.000 – 500.000 Kcal/H


Flam Brand (1 Piece)

Fuel Consumption

Between 34 Min.– 60 Max. M3/H


150 Mm Rock Wool

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