Powder Coating and Wet Paint Equipment

Siglone Type Powder Coating Cabinet

It operates according to the principle of precipitation of powder paint particles by decreasing their speed as a result of friction against the walls of the cyclone, with the effect of centrifugal force of the intake air in the cyclone.
It consists of two separate units, these are the cyclone and filter group. The sucked air first passes through the filter group, then it is filtered and given to the paint shop environment in a reusable form. Since the air sucked by the cyclone is transferred back to the indoor environment, there is no pressure difference between the inside of the paint shop and the outside environment, thus preventing the entry of substances coming from the outside environment into the cabinet, which will stick on the material and impair the paint quality. Because of this, cyclone cabins provide more advantages than filter cabins. In the cabin, suction is made from the bottom by making use of the downward movement of the paint, which cannot adhere to the material while painting, by gravity. The cabinet floor is inclined and there is a reservoir at the bottom that allows the paint to accumulate and absorb throughout the cabinet. The powder paint accumulated in the depot under the cyclone is recycled manually or automatically from here and reused. Our paint booths are manufactured in a type suitable for one-way and two-way paint removal. Our cabins are designed as single or double cyclone according to the purpose of use. All parts of the cabinet are projected and laser processed as plates. All of our cabinets are disassembled and all connections are bolted. When necessary, it can be easily disassembled and reassembled.
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