Powder Coating and Wet Paint Equipment

Annealing Furnaces

Oven Construction

The body of the oven, whose technical documents are given, is placed on the profile chassis, the inside is made of 1.2 mm AISI 304 quality stainless steel, the outside is made of 1.5 and 2 mm dkp sheet, and the outside is covered with electrostatic powder paint. It is filled with 200 mm rock wool + ceramic blanket between the two walls, and is made ready for assembly by being manufactured as a sandwich. Sandwich type panels, whose production has been completed in disassembled condition, are poured into the junction bends with a mastic resistant to high heat. Then, the sealed panels are mounted on the chassis by screwing them to the floor sheets. In this way, our oven, which was installed in a disassembled condition, has the feature of being disassembled and moved to another place when necessary.

Oven Doors (Guilotine Type)

Oven doors will be designed and manufactured to be 200 mm insulated. The inner part is manufactured from AISI 304 quality 1.2 mm stainless and outer part from 1.5 mm and 3 mm DKP sheet metal with powder coating. Guillotine doors are designed to be opened and closed automatically, with the help of a reducer, controlled from the panel, upwards and downwards. They are the parts that have the necessary bearings and reducer driven movement mechanism on the construction oven doors, which are placed on the upper part of the oven, designed to enable them to work up and down. This mechanism is coupled to each other with the weight mechanism placed in the opposite direction to lighten the door load on the reducer, allowing the door to operate stably and safely.

Air Distribution Channels

The hot air prepared in the heating unit is sent into the oven with the help of air ducts made of AISI 304 quality sheet. The air ducts can be adjusted in such a way that the oven temperature can distribute the same and homogeneous air in every region, and they are of the type that can be disassembled and cleaned easily when necessary.

Heat Control

The temperature control of the oven is done with a digital thermostat. With the indicator in the electrical panel system, the system can be adjusted at the desired temperature and operating range. It is kept under control by a safety thermostat against a heat load that may arise in any way or from a malfunction of the automatic control.

Heat Unit Explanations

The body of the heating unit is manufactured from 1.5 mm and 2 mm, AISI 304 quality 1.5 mm stainless steel sheet, and the outside is painted with powder paint. Its internal structure has been designed as completely welded. It is considered as burner missile type and three-pass, and the combustion chamber is made of 3mm AISI 310 quality stainless steel sheet heating pipes, 76 X 3 mm AISI 304 quality stainless boiler pipes. The heating unit operates in the most direct way and its exhaust gas is discharged through its exhaust shaft. In this way, the danger of explosion and flashing is eliminated. The air delivery fans, which send the heated air in the burner to the oven, are of sparse bladed and forward-curved type, and will be manufactured from AISI 304 quality stainless steel sheet. Fan bearings are manufactured with bearings selected from the high temperature resistant series.

Belt Type Oven Conveyor

Roller type material transfer conveyor consists of rollers produced from high temperature resistant stainless products. Our rotating conveyor belt is mounted on a construction placed inside the oven. The conveyor, which is driven by an external reducer, can be adjusted according to the desired speed by controlling it from the panel. The movements of the materials to be preheated in the oven are carried out on the conveyor.

Pre-Heating Oven With Front Belt Type Conveyor And Guillotine Doors

Teknik Veriler

Oven Type

High Temperature Pre-heating Oven


8.500 Mm External (8.000 Mm Internal Net)


: 2.400 mm External (Kon. Width 1.900 Mm, Oven Internal Net Width. 2.000 Mm) 


2.350 mm External (1.400 mm Net Between Conveyor and Ceiling)

Heating Type

With Thermoblock Unit (2 Pieces)

Heating Energy

Natural Gas

Oven Volume

33 M3

Operating Temperature

Between 0°C  – 450°C

Temperature Control

Digital Thermostat

Building Material

Outside 1.5 and 2 mm Dkp, inside 1.2 mm AISI 304 Quality Stainless Steel

Insulation Material

200 Mm Rock Wool + Ceramic Blanket

Pre-Heating Oven Heat Unit Technical Data

Heating Unit

2 Pieces

Building Material

AISI 310 Quality Stainless (Sheet Parts)

Thermoblock Pipe Bundles

AISI 304 Quality Æ 76 X 3 Mm Stainless Pipe

Heating Energy

Natural Gas

Circulating Air

9.000 M3/H X 2 Pieces

Engine Power

4 Kw X 2 Pieces

Heating Capacity

Between 400.000 – 560.000 Kcal/H


Flam Brand (2 Pieces Sc 2.1 Gs Ram)

Fuel Consumption

8 – 29 M3/H X (2 Pieces)


200 Mm Rock Wool + Double Layer Ceramic Blanket

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