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Top Pallet Ovens

In industrial facilities, the process of painting materials in production processes is also involved. Parts that are not easy to transport and have a high weight are painted with special techniques and equipment. Top pallet ovens are used for parts that are too heavy to be transported. Especially in many sectors such as steel doors, furniture, automotive, these furnaces can be encountered.

For parts that cannot be transported with human power, top pallet oven types are used for fast and reliable production. In this way, the production process is also accelerated and the painting process can be done in a practical way without touching hands.

Such furnaces have the principle of semi-automatic operation. Together with the right design and reinforced insulation, it also maximizes heat saving. These ovens are not carried out from the ground as in box-type ovens.

How Does the Top PalletBlower Work?

In the top pallet oven there is a conveyor system at the top. In this way, the heavy parts to be processed can be transported very comfortably without human power. In this way, all risks in the dyeing and drying processes for production are eliminated.

First of all, the product to be painted is hung on the conveyor system. Then this product is directed to the inside of the oven. When the hanger is full, the doors are opened and the processing process begins. These furnaces are liquid and gas fueled. Ovens are manufactured with designs that will support mass production.

The part from the production process cools down on the conveyor part and the painting curing process continues. For the process that will happen later, the parts are put on hold for the pending process. There is never a waste of time in terms of waiting time. There is a homogeneous air distribution with air ducts.

What are the sectionsof the Top Pallet Jumper?

Top pallet ovens work by directing the products to the automatic oven thanks to the pallet conveyor mounted on the oven ceiling. Thus, there are no problems due to the ground.  Initial investment costs are low and the advantages of use are also high.

Three stations of top pallet ovens are designed;

Loading Station: The painted parts in this part are hung and waited to be directed into the oven. When the hanging trolley is full, the sliding oven doors are opened and the pieces are sent into the oven.

In-Oven Cooking Station: The cooking process is made by closing the entrance and exit doors in the oven.  In this process, other second batch products are suspended to cook.

Cooling and Emptying Station: When the baking in the oven is over, the entrance and exit doors open. While the product in the loading area comes into the oven, the products cooked in the oven are taken to the cooling and emptying part. Cooling and lowering operations are carried out here.

Features of Top Pallet Firn

  • Top pallet ovens are products manufactured in disassembled form.
  • There are 65 NPU and 40 * 40 angle construction.
  • It has a 505 mm suspension range and the maximum capacity of carrying the hanger is up to 250 kilos. The hanging material is a hexagonal shaft of 19.
  • The oven has a 40 rpm retractor .
  • 6208 C3 heat-resistant bearings are found.
  • Lubrication operations are carried out manually.
  • It has a speed of 2 mt/min.
  • There is reverse pressure in the filters. In this way, paint accumulation is prevented in the product to be painted.

Top Pallet Rushn Prices

Top pallet ovens are used in many industries such as agriculture, chairs and tables, aluminum profile, electrical panel, steel cabinet and door, automotive. The technical characteristics, materials and working capacity of furnaces are determined by the production process. These furnaces are specially designed according to the mass production in the plants. For this reason, we make project-based production other than standard productions. Top pallet oven prices therefore vary depending on production planning. When we make a general examination to you, we can immediately give you a price quote.  For detailed information and price quote, contact our company immediately and ask your questions about the pallet oven from the top.

Top Pallet Ovens

Pallet Type Top Conveyor Oven

It is designed to minimize heat losses. Pallet ovens are double-door systems. Entry and exit into the oven are made from both sides. Oven doors are of suspended type and sliding system. When one of the doors is pulled, the other opens with a mechanism without any intervention. Our pallet type ovens consist of sandwich type interlocking panels.

The inner side of the oven is made of galvanized sheet and the outer side is made of powder coated DKP sheet. Oven side walls are insulated with 150 mm thick and 70 Kg/M³ rock wool. Combustion chamber area is insulated with 90 Kg/M³ rock wool with a total thickness of 150 mm. The circulation fan is of direct coupled heat resistant insulated type suitable for operation at 250ºC.

Temperature control is provided by a digital thermostat and the temperature is adjusted to the desired degree and controlled. The thermoblock is mounted on the side of the oven and has the capacity to increase the temperature of the oven to 250ºC. Combustion cell thermoblock is made of high temperature resistant AISI 321 quality 3mm stainless steel, and pipe bundles are made of 76×3 steel drawn boiler pipes.
The side walls of the combustion chamber are insulated with 150 mm rock wool and mounted on the side wall of the oven in disassembled form as panels. After the oven assembly is completed, the electrical panel is mounted on the system and the motor connections and wiring are laid. The system is controlled via this panel.

The painted parts in the cabin are taken from the cabin conveyor and hung on the oven conveyor manually, then they are automatically driven into the oven by being controlled from the panel.
After the cooking process is completed, the oven horn gives a warning that the goods are cooked and the cooking process is completed, then the oven doors are opened and the goods cooked in the oven are taken out by the panel type conveyor.

The cooling process of the materials taken out is completed and the materials can be collected from the conveyor. The cooling process of the materials taken out is completed and the materials can be collected from the conveyor.

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