Powder Coating and Wet Paint Equipment

Box Type Ovens

Box type ovens are used in wet paint applications in industrial facilities. During these applications, these ovens take part in the process of cooking the paint. These furnaces are produced with electric resistance, liquid or gas fuel operation options. In these ovens, the air heats up and is given back into the oven thanks to the fan. These furnaces can be used in paint applications at high temperatures up to 250 degrees.

The ovens used in paint applications are referred to by this name because of the way they are called. These ovens get this name because they have a box-like design. The usage sector is also very wide and can take part in difficult conditions. Box type oven is in high demand for quality paint applications.

What are the Features of Box Type Oven?

The body of box-type ovens is produced from sandwich type panels. These furnaces are formed by mounting sandwich-type panels with dimensions of 500 mm to each other. On the outer surface of the furnaces, there is an insulation material between the paint-coated galvanization. This material has dimensions of 160 mm. In the inner section, galvanization is used to be durable. When joining panels, heat-resistant silicones should be used. At the same time, there are air ducts made of galvanized in order to ensure that the heat distribution is homogeneous in the furnace. These channels can be installed with ceiling or bottom blowing options. The heating unit in the oven is with a thermoblock. Furnaces can be used with LPG, natural gas, diesel or Fuel Oil fuels. Box type ovens are designed as standard with one door. In some cases, there is a project-based double-door production option . Temperature controls in ovens are monitored through digital temperature control devices. Thanks to the time relay it is also possible to control the cooking time. When the products remain in the oven, they immediately alert the operator. Thermoblock installation is made on the side or back of the oven. This structure consists of parts of flame pipes with a combustion cell. The combustion cell is made of 310 quality stainless steel material and the flame pipes are made of normalized boiler pipe materials. The outer part of the thermoblock is covered with rock wool insulation. It also has electrostatic powder paint and dyed DKP hair on it. These products can work up to temperatures of 250 degrees.

Box Type Oven Usage Areas

Box type oven usage areas can be counted as many of the industrial facilities. You can see box type ovens in powder enamel plant or powder coating application plants. In summary, box type ovens are used in every field and industrial branch where powder coating applications will be made. Although these ovens are produced as standard, they are also produced on a project basis.

We first inspect your plants for your powder coating applications. Then we make special production for your needs. First, we determine your demands and needs. After this process, we immediately make project-based production. Our teams support you for box type ovens in all matters such as installation, maintenance and repair.

Box Type Oven Prices

Box type ovens are among the most important ovens that you will encounter in powder coating applications . These ovens are produced in different sizes and with different characteristics. We give you a special price on a project basis for box type oven prices. First of all, we create the production plan after the free discovery service we do in your facilities. In this process, we also provide delivery time and price quote for you.

You can learn all the details you are curious about box type oven prices from our company. You can get support from our company for high quality and high performance box type ovens. We always serve you for high quality and long-lasting oven varieties. We always support you in the production and assembly processes.

Box Type Ovens

Our box type powder ovens, box type powder coating ovens are designed to minimize heat losses. It has carriage entrance from one side. There are hinged type doors at the front of the ovens. Material inlets and outlets are provided into the furnace through these doors. Fixed channels are laid at the bottom of the oven, and the oven inner carriers are moved on these channels. Our double door box type ovens consist of sandwich type interlocking panels.

The inside of the oven is made of galvanized sheet, and the outside is made of powder-coated dkp sheet. 300ºC resistant silicone is used at the joints of the wall panels. Oven side walls are insulated with 150 mm thick and 70 Kg/M³ rock wool. Combustion chamber area is insulated with 90 Kg/M³ rock wool with a total thickness of 150 mm. The circulation fan is of direct coupled heat resistant insulated type suitable for operation at 250ºC. There are air channels that distribute the air evenly and homogeneously inside the oven, and air blowing vents that can be adjusted as desired. The system, which works according to the closed circuit air circulation principle, reaches the desired temperature in a short time. Temperature control is provided by a digital thermostat and the temperature is adjusted to the desired degree and controlled. The thermoblock is mounted at the back of the oven and has the capacity to increase the temperature of the oven to 250ºC. Combustion cell thermoblock is made of high temperature resistant AISI 321 quality 3mm stainless steel, and pipe bundles are made of 76×3 steel drawn boiler pipes.

The side walls of the combustion chamber are insulated with 150 mm rock wool and mounted on the side wall of the oven in disassembled form as panels. After the oven assembly is completed, the electrical panel is mounted on the system and the motor connections and wiring are laid. The system is controlled via this panel. The painted parts in the cabin are taken from the cabin conveyor and hung on the oven carriers manually, then the oven carriers filled with the painted materials is pushed into the oven by hand. After the cooking process is completed, the oven horn gives a warning that the goods are cooked and the cooking process is completed, then the oven doors are opened and the goods cooked in the oven are taken out from the oven carrier. The cooling process of the materials taken out is completed and the materials can be collected from the carrier.

Technicial Specifications

Width (Mm) 1.500
Length (Mm) 2.000
Height (Mm) 2.000

External Dimensions
Width 1.800
Length 3.000
Height 2.300

Oven Volume 12 M³

Panels 1,2mm Dkp And Galvanized Sheet
Air Duct 2mm Galvanized Sheet
Chassis 3mm Dkp Sheet

Insulation Type 150mm Stone Wool (Ρ=70 Kg/M³)
Maximum Temperature 250ºc
Thermoblock Thermoblock is made of AISI 321 sheet Transition Pipes Ø76×3 Steel Seamless Pipe
Temperature Control 0-600ºc Digital Thermostat Fe-Const Thermoelement
Energy Between 60,000 – 100,000 Kcal/H
Fuel Natural Gas/ LPG/Diesel
Burner Flam
Heat Transfer By Convection
Circulation Fan 7.000 M³/H X 1 Piece
Electric Motor 3 Kw Watt/Gamak X 1 Piece
Air Distribution Homogeneously with Air Channels
Control Panel Telemecanıque, Sıemens
Doors Hinged Type

Cooking Oven Heat Unit (Thermoblock Part) Technical Data

Heating Unit : 1 Piece
Heating Enegry : Lpg Or Natural Gas
Circulation Air : 1 X 7.000 M3/H
Engine Power : 7 Kw X 1 Piece
Heating Capacity : 100.000 Kcal/H
Burner : Üret Brand
Insulation : 150 Mm Rock Wool
The body of the heating unit is manufactured from 1.5 mm sheet metal outside and 1.5 mm inside, and the outside is painted with industrial paint. Its internal structure has been designed as completely welded. Heating pipes of 321 chrome nickel sheet for the combustion cell, designed as burner missile type and three-pass, will be manufactured from 76 x 3 mm drawn steel pipes. The heating unit operates in the most direct way and its smoke is discharged through its chimney. In this way, the danger of explosion and flashing is eliminated. The air delivery fan, which sends the heated air in the burner to the oven, is of close bladed and forward-curved insulated type, and is mounted directly coupled after the dynamic and static balances are taken.
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