Powder Coating and Wet Paint Equipment

Monocyclone Powder Coating Booth

Its mode of operation is similar to compact cyclone cabins, with the only difference being that more special cartridge filters are used in the filter group between the cyclones, and the recovery efficiency is 95-97%. Mono cyclone paint booths are mostly preferred in continuous and automatic facilities due to their fast color changing feature. It consists of powder coating cabin, cyclone and rear filter group. The cabin floor is inclined and the fan is provided with downward air movement, allowing the paint particles to move to the booth floor with their own weight.
In this way, paint particles accumulate in the clean paint tank located under the cyclone, and small particles, which cannot be used, are collected in the rear filter. The paint is recovered under the cyclone, the paint accumulated in the rear filter group is not used and is waste paint. All of the mono cyclone cabinets are specially designed for the part to be painted and put into production. All of them are processed by laser, manufactured and assembled in a usable condition. Paint suction is provided by a 18.5 kW fan on it. The probability of paint escaping from the booth to the outside is lower compared to the other booths. With its high air suction power, it can provide a cleaner paint removal environment for the staff. There are 12 cartridges on the filter group. Filter cleaning is ensured by automatically blowing these filters with reverse air at certain intervals. In this way, it is ensured that your paint suction power is kept at the maximum level.

Technicial Specifications




Length (mm)


Depth (mm)


Height (mm)





Length (mm)


Depth (mm)


Height (mm)



1,5mm , 2mm And 3 Mm Powder Coated Dkp Sheet

Booth Base Construction Material

AISI 430 Quality 2 Mm Stainless Steel Sheet

Cyclone Unit

1 Piece Width:1500 Mm Width:1500 Mm Load:4500 Mm

Mono Cyclone Filter Group

1 Piece Width:1600 Mm Width:3000 Mm Load:4000mm

Number of filters

12 Pieces

Filter Dimensions

Ø320×600 Mm

Filter Surface Area

10 M² / Piece

Suction Fan

1 X 10.000 M³/H

Motor Power

1×18.5  Kw Watt/Gamak

Pulse Valve

12 Pieces ¾” 220v 10w

Operating Air

6-8 Bar Dry Air


4 Pieces Led Lighting

Mono Type Clean Paint Tank

50 Lt  2 Pieces

Mono Type Dirty Paint Tank

80 Lt  2 Pieces

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