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Enbomak Makina

About Us

Enbomak Makina is a company established by people who have made their mark in the electrostatic powder and wet paint industry with their 15 years of experience. Its main production sites and equipment are powder coating facilities, wet paint facilities and machines.
We serve with our team with a vision and dynamism to make our company known and have a say in our sector both in Turkey and in the world.
Quality in Service and Production
Quick Solution, Meticulous Work
We offer a problem-free operation with quality production. At the same time, we are working to keep customer satisfaction as the main target and to provide the fastest service and quality without any problems with a young and dynamic staff.
Product Portfolio
Enbomak Makina

Vision & Mission

Our Quality Policy

Enbomak Makina aims to increase its domestic and international market share by standing out with its price and quality advantage in its sector; It has accepted as a commitment and policy.


The aim of promoting our brand mostly in foreign markets and introducing ENBOMAK MAKİNA to different country markets.


To present the projects we have conducted having team spirit in which all our employees take an active role, in a way that will meet the current and future expectations of our customers in order to increase customer satisfaction.

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