Powder Coating and Wet Paint Equipment

Plastic Cabin

Two plastic panels with a wall thickness of 8 + 8 mm were combined with plastic welding to form a total thickness of 100 mm, and the panel system was formed. With this system, the strength of the panel structure has been increased. With this construction system, no metal material is used in the cabin body and the adhesion of paint inside the cabin is prevented.

Cabin Base

The cabin base is made of plastic material that is strong enough to carry a person, in order to recover the powder paint poured into the cabin and to perform the cleaning process in the cabin easily. On the cabin base, there is a paint suction channel, a flap group that can be opened 70 degrees for cleaning access to this channel, a jet cleaning powered by a compressor air supply designed for the recovery of the paint spilled during the cabin suction group operation inclined surfaces outside the channel flap without impact to the filter system.

Cabin Side Walls

Panels made of plastic material are used and include automatic gun slot groups, thread entry/exit windows, manual painting windows, the quantities of which have been reported above.

Cabin Ceiling Group

Panels made of plastic material are used, and it includes four 2×40 watt luminaires (exproof lighting) groups for interior lighting.

Anti-Static Plastic Powder Coating Cabinet Group


Anti – Static Plastic

Cabin External Dimensions



1.700 mm


5.000 mm


3.206 mm

Thread Cabinet Entry / Exit Pass Slot Dimensions



600 mm


2.000 mm

Number of Automatic Gun Slots

5 + 5 = 10 Pieces

Automatic Gun Slot Dimensions

90 Mm Width X 2000 Mm Height

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